Dreamscape 007

The Lake Walk

By this time your dreamscape has started storming. Your world is slipping into chaos and you are pulled out of your own dreamscape into that of Frank Dodd's. It is at this point that frank is trying to get you out of his head. He knows what your looking for and he can't deal with the guilt he still carries from it.
Dreamscape 047

The Lake Walk Diary Page

He scribbles in your diary "GO AWAY!" and speaks out when you neer the lake walk.
Dreamscape 006

The Entrance To The Lake Walk

His last resort is a spider that you must battle to let you pass the entrance to the walk.

When you arrive you see a lone boat sitting in the water. There Frank is trying to talk Amelia out of marrying you because he loves her. Every time she turns him down. They struggle and Amelia falls into the water. She cries out to Frank to save her because she can't swim. He says, "...Amelia...if I can't have one can..." With that the harrible realazation comes to you that your best friend, Frank Dodd, killed the love of your life. The Scarecrow walks down to the lake and tells you that you can find Frank and make he pay for what he has done. Then the Scarecrow turns into Amelia! she tells you that you will be with her soon, forever.

This is where you must find the portal into Frank Dodd's demento:scape. You are already sharing dreamscapes with him at the lake walk but if you go to the spot that Amelia died, under the boat, you will be transported to his word. Frank is an old man now and the guilt of having blood on his hands has turned into dementia. If you follow the path to it's end you will find the box that holds Frank's guilt. He will try and stop you from opening it but you do not listen. It is time Frank faced up to what he did, to you, and to Amelia. You open the box. Inside contain a pair of Ballet slippers. They were Amelia's. It is at this point that you die, and go to be with Amelia, forever.