Dreamscape 013

The Airfield

You first come to the airfield after going through the tunnel neer Amelia's father's house. At the airfield your world starts to shake. Frank and you have a talk about the upcoming wedding. He tells you to call it off because he says that Amelia will just leave you for the first man who can take her away to the big city. You say that you won't have to worry about that for long because you will be certified soon.

This is when your life took a turn for the worse, and your dreamscape takes a turn for the creepy. After hearing Frank tell you to call it off you hear churchbells ringing. Fallow them back to the old hilltop church. When you arive this time the door opens and you find the secrate that hides within: Amelia left you on your wedding day. Or did she. The Scarecrow tells you that is as far as the diary can take you but you want to know more. You return to the spot you last saw Amelia to look for clues. There you see a neckless that Frank gave her and she tells you of a phone call between her and Frank that day. In your life you overheard the phone call while working at the airfield, but your brain blocked it out. Now you return back to the place that holds these secrates: the airfield.

Dreamscape 016

Frank Dodd's Office

When you return all the memories start to flood back. This is when you start to fade, little by little, into Frank Dodd's demento:scape. As the Scarecrow said, "All dreamscapes are connected." You hear Frank talking to Amelia. He is telling her to meet him at their "special spot." You remember Amelia telling you that they had their one and only date at the lake walk. You hurry there to find out the truth.
Dreamscape 012

The Airfield (from the tunnel)