• Wilson: You. As a kid you and Amelia grew up together at the old cabin . As you grew older your love for each other grew also. You are the protagonist of the story.
  • Amelia: Your girlfriend. You two grew up together but her father didn't what you two to be friends. You thought it was because you would take his last loved one away. Amelia died on your wedding day by the hands of Fank Dodd
  • Frank Dodd: He was you and Amelia's best friend growing up. The three of you would spend all summer at the riverbend . But as the day of your wedding grew neer, he couldn't handle it any more. he tryed to convince Amelia to leave you for him but she turned him down. Then he killed her leaving you in the dark waiting at the altar of the hilltop church .
  • Lawrance: He is Amelia's father . He tryed to split you two up when you were young. Later after Amelia died and everyone thought she had left, he blamed you for it all.
  • Frank's dad: He was able to get a job for you and Frank because he was such an important man in Bastion Falls .
  • Reverand Grant: He helped you by showing how you could get past the vulture that blocks your path to Bastion Falls. He also is the one who was going to wed you and Amelia, and tells you that many men are left at the altar .