Dreamscape 013

The Airfield



“I like that you’re a mechanic, Wilson. There’s just something about a man who knows his way around a garage…”


“She’s my friend too, Wilson. We grew up together, didn’t we? You have to face the facts: Amelia is flighty as a bird. She’ll never settle down for long. If you can’t sweep her away to ‘the Big City’, she’ll go along with the first guy that can! She’s gonna break your heart, Wil. I’m friend enough to tell you. End it while you still can…”


Frank always knew there was something between Amelia and I. He sensed it was serious even before we did, and liked to joke about it. Even when Amelia and I dated other people from town, he would insist we were just fooling ourselves. But he didn't approve. Privately, he warned me that Amelia would never settle for a quiet life in Bastion Falls. She was destined for the city, for a ballet dancing career and endless strings of adoring boyfriends. Even when she agreed to marry me, Frank warned me to call it off. I was unfazed by his doubts. After all, I’d get my own pilot’s license soon. Then I would keep my promise to Amelia. I would fly her away with me to the Big City.

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