Dreamscape 028

The Basket



“Bugs bite pretty awful down by the river. Let’s go find my dad’s bug sprayer!”

“No! Don’t you dare push me into the water, Frank Dodd! I can’t swim! Save me, Wilson!”


'“Oh, that water’s barely two feet deep. You just like playing the damsel in distress for ol’ Wilson.”'


'''Amelia, me and Frank Dodd spent most of our summers down at the Riverbend. That’s where we all became best friends and grew up together. It was on those long Sundays that we planned our future-- Amelia was going to dance on Broadway and Frank and I would race planes in the regional Air Derbies. Frank had enough confidence for the three of us. Even then, he had the airman good-looks and daring buzz-cut. I wanted to be like him, but some things just have to come naturally.'''

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