Dreamscape 020

Mr. Starcher's Barn



' '“Shh! If old man Starcher hears us he’ll chase us down with a pitchfork. Go on up to the loft. I hid a lantern up there, and some sandwiches…”

“It’s you, Wilson. You’re my first kiss. It was always going to be you, wasn’t it?”


Horace Starcher was a legendary figure in our world. I was terrified of him. Amelia was the only one brave enough to sneak into his barn. She convinced me to come along, and it was one of the best thrills of my life. It wasn’t just that the barn was so huge, or the loft so high. It wasn’t even the danger of defying Horace Starcher. It was the simple delight of sharing an adventure with Amelia. For her, danger was like wine. With her, the barn became a magical place. Maybe that’s why I kissed her.

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