Dreamscape 033

Bastion Falls

Frank's dad was an important man at Bastion Falls, the local town accross the river. He helped get you and Frank jobs down at the Airfield. Frank was a great pilot, but because you didn't have any money, you just worked as a mechanic until you could get certified.

Later you asked Amelia to marry you and she said yes. You and her went to the dress shop to pick out a dress.
Dreamscape 035

The Dress Shop

You said it was bad luck but Amelia didn't care. She didn't have anyone else to show it to. While at the shop Frank Dodd was watching, waiting to try and claim Amelia for his own.
Dreamscape 034

The Pumping Station

At Bassion Falls you have to go to the Pumping Station at the front of town. Behind it is a small space you can walk into. There you can pick up a can of oil. This will help you get past the mad car that blocks your path to the airfield.