Dreamscape 019

Amelia's Father's House

You knew Amelia's father. His name was Lawrence. He despised you, and everybody. He raised Amelia alone after his wife died years ago. This caused him to keep his daughter on a very short leash. This didn't work out very well for you. He knew of the little romance you had going on with his daughter and didn't want it to continue. He tried to break her spirit. In your words, "love turned into slavory." He knew you would take his daughter away from him. And you made shure that would come true.

Dreamscape 018

Amelia's Driveway

This is the entrance to Amelia's house. It is garded by a mad dog that growls every time you try to go past. You have to feed it one of the sandwiches from the loft in the barn to get it to go away.